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Reservation.Studio will help you develop your business, make it more recognizable and help you maximize your business potential.
Upravlenie na slujiteli
Manage Your Staff

Operate your employees’ timesheets, shifts and working hours.

Upravlenie na chasove
Manage Bookings

You get a convenient and easy-to-use calendar for making appointments and for keeping track of bookings and reminders.

Sklad i inventarizaciq
Warehouse and Inventory

Quick product, service and subscription selling. Detailed statistics for a particular customer or the whole client base.

Upravlienie na klienti
Manage Your Customers

There’s a much easier way to maintain your clients – by creating and supporting a customer database, which you can manage quickly and easily.

Клиентски картони
Client Cards

We are here to provide you with an easy and innovative way to store important customer information, such as allergies, appointments, services, procedures, products brought and even birthday dates.

Automatic Reminders

You can send emails or messages to your customers on the basis of their personal data. You can send appointment reminders or birthday wishes completely automatically.

Otcheti i dokladi

Reports for sales, employee commissions and workloads are being automatically generated – this will allow your business to be more efficient.

Prihodi i razhodi
Income and Expenses

You get full reports for your income and expenses. You can track card payments, cash payment and bank transfer and record all the expenses generated by your salon.

Your Own Website

You can create your own website with ease just by filling information in the software. The generated website will be fully responsive and amazing!

Easy To Use

The software’s interface is clear and intuitive, so that even people with little experience can use the system with no obstacles.

Marketing Tools

We provide you with tools for creating percent-based discounts for items and services that allow you to autmoatically send text messages to your customers about them.

Secure and updates
Security and Updates

The software is always by your side and expands with your business. You will be able to receive new functionality with just a few clicks.

Reservation.Studio – Perfect for any business

Салони за красота
Beauty Salons

Software for Beauty Salons

Cosmetic centers
Cosmetic Centers

Software for Cosmetic Centers

Tattoo Studios

Software for Tattoo Studios

Dental Offices

Software for Dental Offices

Hair Salons

Software for Hair Salons

Massage Studios

Software for Massage Studios

Aesthetic centers
Aesthetic Centers

Software for Aesthetic Centers

Psychiatric offices
Psychiatric Offices

Software for Psychiatric Offices

Day Spas

Software for Day Spas

solar salons
Solar Studios

Software for Solar Studios

Photo studio
Photo Studios

Software for Photo Studios

fitness software
Gyms and Fitness Centers

Software for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Barber shop
Barber Shops

Software for Barber Shops

Nail salons
Nail Art Studios

Software for Nail Art Studios

Veterinary clinics
Veterinary Clinics

Software for Veterinary Clinics

Auto repair shops
Car Repair Shops and Carwashes

Software for Car Repair Shops and Carwashes

Салони за красота
Козметични центрове
Tattoo студия
Стоматологични кабинети
Фризьорски салони
Салони за масаж
Естетични центрове
Психиатрични кабинети
СПА салони
Соларни студиа
Салони за фото и лазерна епилация
Фитнес зали и центрове
Бръснарски салони
Салони за маникюр
Ветеринарни клиники
Автосервизи и автомивки

Mobile App

Android  &  iOS

Manage your appointments via your mobile phone with access to the system in in every corner of the world. This allows you to save money from expensive equipment, and via the app your employees will have access to the system through their cell phones.


mobile app for booking

Improve your connection with customers!

Attitude towards customers is a must in building a successful business. In our digital era taking care of clients has never been so important. Reservation.Studio gives you the opportunity to fascinate your visitors and transform them into happy customers.


Saves you a lot of TIME!

Save time from fixing dates for appointments and daily tasks. Now you can focus on expanding your business and spare time for your clients.


Saves you a lot of MONEY!

Get Advantage of all the report functions in the software and you can be assured that thanks to them you can manage your expenses best.


Making the work process better

The team behind Reservation.Studio has a solid background in web development, that’s why we made the best functions for keeping track of the work process and its improvement.

Our customers’ reviews

More than 900 bussiness now work with our software on a daily basis.

Manage your business from all over the world!

Your business, customers, schedule, reports, and everything is by your side in a convenient time directly on your computer, tablet or cell phone. We are waiting for you!


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