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Reservation.Studio who is it for?

Reservation.Studio is a specialized software for small and medium companies requiring daily processing of bookings and personnel management at a given establishment. If you run a beauty salon, repair shop, medical center, sports or dance club, Reservation.Studio is designed especially for you and your team. The software can be used quickly and fuss-free on a PC or via a mobile app together with all more than 20 free-of-charge management functions of services, personnel, consumables, establishments, and cash flows. Having been designed by great IT experts, this allows for timely support and development according to the local business needs. 

Beauty salons

Beauticians, Hairdressers, Manicure and pedicure, Makeup artists, Barbers


Wellness centers

Spa centers, Relax centers, Massage studios, Salt rooms


Aesthetics centers

For face and body, Solar studios, Tattoo and piercing studios


Medical centers

Dental and Aesthetics clinics, Veterinary clinics



psychologists, psychotherapists, astrologers, health rooms


Sports centers

Fitness centers, Sports centers, Dancing centers, Yoga and Pilates centers


Event halls

Children and Party centers, Children’s study halls, Event halls


Auto centers

Car repair shops, Car wash, Tyre shops, Technical check centers


All functions of Reservation.Studio

Reservation.Studio allows you to organise on the go, quickly and easily your bookings, clients, employees, resources, costs and revenues on your computer or mobile device. If needed, you have at your disposal priceless tools to send personal messages to clients, make analysis reports of your business and track your cashier in real time. Our team is there to provide you with support in your language at any time. There is also an option for your clients to book your services via the modern mobile application Clients.Reservation.Studio.

calendar appointment
book appointment

Calendar. Clients. Team.

This is an innovative format calendar allowing you to put down appointments in a much quicker and convenient manner, to track bookings and to manage reminders. The options to modify your bookings are limitless, even in more than one site or across different business activities.

The client mobile application Clients Reservation.Studio – for booking appointments by your clients directly into your Calendar.

Immediate insertion of a new client into the database. Management of services and bookings. Attendance history, client notifications for upcoming visits. Notes. Client status and client origin (access channel), insertion into a group.

Booking and services management at employee level in one or more locations/sites of your business. Management of access level for each employee. History of activity for the purpose of transparency in the work with clients. Notification to an employee upon new booking or change in it. Employee calendars and appointments for each one of them.

Single services, group or package services. Quick or expanded addition and categorisation of the services in your business. Unlimited “appointment” of emplpoyees to a given service. Unlimited price options to a given service. “Booking” of specific material resources to a given service (appliances, instruments) by a certain employee.

Insertion of unlimited number of resources for a given site. You can easily connect equipment, rooms and work chairs with the services provided in order to avoid overlapping.

Tracking the workload of each resource.

Quick management of work schedule for a given site and employee. Crreation of individual schedules with working hours and days and their easy comparing and management in one place so that you can track the workload of your personnel. Blocking of time of a given employee and service – work break, operational/administrative time is automatically reflected in the Calendar to allow for a most precise planning of client work hours.

Easy management of your business

You can manage several businesses/activities from a single account! Each business with its clients, employees, services and resources. Without overlapping and without being accessible by each employee (access management).

You can insert easily and manage several locations of a single business – several sites/locations. All locations of a given business may share common clients for a more flexible booking management.

There is an option to mark different payment methods at client and service level – bank, cash, etc., for the purposes of your personal account of revenues through various payment channels.

Tracking and recording of expenses, payment of bills, such as rent, daily bills, small cash, consumables.

Quick and easy insertion of various types of discounts. Applying the discount to a service, category of services, client, group of clients or a period of time.

You can insert various tax rates for services and/or products sold at your premises.

You can insert the channels of acquiring a new client. A valuable tool for effeciency evaluation of different campaigns and activities you conduct.

A powerful system for managing notifications to your clients – notification channels, notification personalisation depending on the language, type, category, frequency and text content according to your needs.

To increase revenue

Business Activity Reports

Tracking of business through a detailed statistics and analysis thanks to numerous reports. Reports of services used, number of clients, revenues, expenses, working hours of employees from personnel, etc.

комисионни за служители

PREMIUM. services if necessary

The perfect marketing tool includes sending offers or promotional messages to your customers.  With bulk messaging options(SMS,email), you can send a large volume of messages to your customers without spending much.

Management of available stocks in the cash register – only for your own convenience upon tracking of daily/monthly cash flows.

Replenishing a bank account, virtual wallet directly into your account from which you pay for text messages and other client campaigns. As well as other paid services in the software. Only if necessary and on the basis of a single price for the service. NO monthly subscriptions.

There is an option to accrue a commission percent for a certain employee upon performing a certain service.

Connection and synchronisation of the work calendars of Reservation.Studio and your Google Calendar

The client application is a convenient way for clients to book your services online. Clients Reservation.Studio connects your clients with your business profile with the help of only a couple of easy settings and saves you manual texting on your phone, names and other data.The client application is a convenient way for clients to book your services online. Clients Reservation.Studio connects your clients with your business profile with the help of only a couple of easy settings and saves you manual texting on your phone, names and other data.

With Reservation.Studio
you get more. No monthly subscriptions or hidden fees

  • Mobile application for your business and for your clients
  • Option for a FREE-OF-CHARGE marketing consultation
  • Technical support in English for you and your employees

What others say about Reservation.Studio

Villy Borshukova
Villy Borshukova
Manager of MAGAMA
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“I have been looking for the right software product to improve the activity of the whole company for a long time. Those available on the market were quite expensive and did not meet entirely my requirements.”
Milen Iliev
Milen Iliev
Art director of SelenaS
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“I am very satisfied with this convenient platform! I use the calendar now to manage the appointments. Doing my work is now quicker and more secure thanks to it.”
Nasko Papazov
Nasko Papazov
Master hair dresser – Studio N stage
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“Everything is easier ever since I use this software. Before I used to waste a lot of time to organise my work and now I use this time for my clients.”
Vania Barova
Vania Barova
Beauty and PMU Artist
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“I love everything which makes my job easier, and with Reservation.Studio my whole day is well organised.”
Mariya  Dimitrova
Mariya Dimitrova
Owner/Medical beautician at MILAGROS LASER CENTER
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AMAZING APPLICATION! It helps me a lot at work! I myself am a medical beautician and a specialist in laser hair removal and part of my job requires me to book my classes easily. The app does a great job of QUICK and EASY recording! I also use an extension of my clients' online booking app and they just LOVED it.
Albena Petrova
Albena Petrova
Medical aesthetic care at Refresh
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"My experience with this application is already huge! From the very beginning, the Reservation.Studio team kindly cooperated with me, and more than once. I recommend it to you! ”