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Why do you need a Full Appointment Scheduling Software?

Why do you need a Full Appointment Scheduling Software?

Beauty salons all around the world face the same problem daily. A client wants to use a service without an appointment, hoping that the stylist would have some free time, but actually, he is already busy and working with another customer.

In this situation, you would have to stop working to pay attention to him. It may cost you 10 minutes just to make him an appointment and to consult him. During that time, your current customer would become nervous.. and you wouldn’t want that, right? Anyway, you might apologize and continue with your work.

But what if that happens more than once while you are working with one specific client?

That scenario, with all of its variations, is happening several times daily to any specialist. The main problem that may lead to that unpleasant situation is that most of the beauty salons do not have the opportunity to hire a receptionist. The receptionist answers the phone calls, welcomes the visitors, takes care of the schedule and its appointments.

The lack of receptionist in your beauty salon may be critical for your business. It may lead to many lost customers, negative feedbacks, many mistakes in your schedule, loss of money, etc.

Often that is the main reason for them to prefer going to a bigger beauty salon, where they know they would receive some personal and special attitude and time only for them.



What do your customers expect from your beauty salon?

When a customer visits your beauty salon, he leaves in your hands his appearance and expects a good quality service.
Imagine that you are working with a client who expects a special attitude and during your work, the phone rings several times. Then you interrupt your work and start making an appointment and consult another client on the phone. Now you are in a hurry and totally distracted. That would make the present client very nervous and unhappy.
The chance to never come back and leave a negative feedback is almost 100%. Then they would go to some of your competitors. And we do not want that to happen, right?


How these interruptions affect you and your work process?


These daily interruptions may cause huge stress and they would surely affect your service quality. That leads to low personal satisfaction and a high percent of lost customers.
What more, that way you lose on average about an hour daily which you don’t get paid for, so that leads to loss of money, also.
In beauty salons, the interruption factors are so many nowadays because of the old work model.
The less they are, the better your service would be, the happier the customers would be and the more money you would make. Now that leads to loyal customers and the growth of your own business.


What are the options for a solution to these problems and improving the work process? 


Most of the beauty salons often can’t afford to hire a receptionist on a full-time job. But that doesn’t mean that you have to leave the things like that and to make more customers unhappy.
Hopefully, there is a solution to any problem!
Our Online Scheduling Software Reservation Studio uses the power of the nowadays technologies.
It allows the customers to make their appointment online, without calling you. They can see all of your bookings and decide when they will visit you. Also, they can see your catalog and its prices. They will be able to do that without your help! Pretty cool, right? 
No more interruptions from your work. Now you can focus on your work and give all of your attention to your current client. That will definitely increase the quality of your service and make your customers super happy and satisfied, so they will always come back to you.


Reservation Studio works well on any device you have – laptop, tablet, and smartphone. That way you can have access to your schedule anywhere, no matter where you are.
Our software offers SMS notifications to remind the customer of his appointment. 
What more, this smart, digital employee can make you a personal website, which will give information about your services and its prices, the working time, show pictures and feedbacks from happy customers. The best thing is that it allows customers to make their appointments online and all by themselves without phone calls! 
Also, it works 24/7 everyday! 


Full Appointment Scheduling Software is made all about satisfying small business’s needs. It works like a receptionist on a full-time job, but it doesn’t cost you a whole monthly salary! 
With its help, it is almost impossible to have some mistakes in your schedule and now you would have time to focus on the most important aspects of your work. 
If you are an employee or you own a beauty salon and want to improve your work process and to make your career grow, so you surely need our full appointment scheduling software – Reservation Studio. We guarantee that you would be really happy with your decision and you will increase your daily income. 
Reservation Studio will make your work easier and will make you and your customers happy and satisfied.


Are you ready to hire your first digital employee?

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