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No charges for reservations – you always know how much you have to pay.

Reservation.Studio helps your business grow

Our price list is personalized according to your individual business goals. Please, contact us for more info by filling the form down below, or contact us via telephone or email. We are going to give you THE VERY BEST decision and an individual approach.
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How can I purchase a subscription?

In order for you to buy a subscription, you need to send us an inquiry with the desired parameters and some information about your business. You will then receive payment information and later, after the payment is complete, you will receive an invoice.

Which are the ways to pay?

As of now Reservation.Studio offers its clients to pay via bank transfer.

Is it necessary to pay in advance for a longer period of time?

No. Reservation.Studio doesn’t oblige you to pay for a longer period of time. This is a matter of personal preference.

If you subscribe for a longer period of time, it is sometimes possible for you to be able to take advantage of promotions and discounts, but only when such are announced by us or by our representatives.

Will my profile disappear if I do not pay on time?

No. After your subscription expires all of your profile information is kept for 30 days but you won’t be able to use the system until you make a payment. We advise you to renew your subscription on time so that you don’t get service disruptions or in extreme cases – loss of data.

How much does it cost and how can I purchase SMS notifications?

You have the ability to active notifications for all your future appointments, for specific appointments or for an entire SMS marketing campaign.
The SMS notifications are not included in the subscription packages and are instead determined by the individual needs of every salon.

The following packages are available in our system:

– Package “SMS Starter 100 SMS” – 15 lv.

– Package “SMS Advanced 700 SMS” – 70 lv.

– Package “SMS Pro 1000 SMS” – 130 lv.

You can purchase SMS packages after you log in your system and you navigate to:

Subscription Plans > Add Subscription > Order SMS Plan

You can find information about how many SMS messages you have available in your profile.

Can I go over a higher subscription plan?

Yes. Upgrading to a higher-grade subscription plan is possible – the amount you’ve payed for the lower-grade plan will be subtracted from the cost of the higher-grade plan.

Has anyone else access to my profile?

No. The information about your profile is private and no one has access to it or to the data in it unless you’ve explicitly given access permission to someone i.e. to some of your employees.

The only exception is if you contact us regarding a technical issue and you grant us the required credentials so that we can gain access to your profile and fix the issue.