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How to deal with unloyal employees

Какво да направите, когато служителие в салона ви са нелоялни и злоупотребяват

How to deal with unloyal employees


Do you have problems with your employees in your business salon? 

Sadly, the truth is that most of the beauty salons have that problem. Unloyalty employees who abuse and leave right after teaching them. It leads to serious consequences for your business. At one moment, there is nobody to work and you lose disappointed customers. 

That is why the problem is serious for your business. 


What could you do?


First, it is important to find out why your customers are doing this. Do not forget that they are humans, like you, and have some needs. 

They may feel underrated. The work environment may not make them feel happy. The salary you offer them may not be enough.

Now, most of you are thinking that you are not able to pay more and there is nothing you could do. Actually, the truth is that you could. 

You may consider some changes that may change your employees’ attitude:


1. Keep a close look


It is the most important thing for the growth of your business. You have to know exactly what is happening at any moment – but in digits. You have to know how much your employees are busy, how much money is he earning, what is he selling more – services or products, and what feeling he leaves in his customers.

In Reservation Studio there is a function to make you employee a profile. There he can write down all the work he does for a day. That way you can follow how he is doing and you will know what is happening in your beauty salon 24/7.

It’d save you a lot of time calculating your income. Now you can say “no” to the old fashion way with the never-ending notes.


Какво да направите, когато служителие в салона ви са нелоялни и злоупотребяват


2.Bonus system


Everyone loves feeling evaluated and the bonus system is the best way. Make one that is suitable for your business. The more work they do – the more money they get. Of course, it may also be about customers’ feedback, sales, the number of customers, etc. Gift them for the well-done work and they will stay with you.

Follow the the old, but a golden principle:

“give to receive”.



3. Working atmosphere in your beauty salon 


However, money may not be enough to keep your employees loyal. As we said, after all, we are humans. Try your best to make your employees’ working atmosphere nice and friendly. 

That will help you keep not only your employees but your customers. 

After a time, you may have even potential employees who would wait for a free position in your beauty salon. And the happy, satisfied employee will attract many new customers because he is the face of your business.  


Do not forget about the friendly talks and atmosphere. Make your shared time great and pleasant. 

Nobody is leaving a place where he is feeling loved and valued. 


Remember that you are the owner and it is your responsibility to achieve it. 

Yes, we know that it is easy to be said, and not that easy to be done. But if you want to make your beauty salon the best and different than the rest, do your best.

And no, it is not impossible.


If you achieve it, you will attract not only loyal employees but loyal customers. That means more money, more successful business and growth potential.

It is all up to you.  


In Reservation Studio you will find a solution for many problems you are facing. Each employee has a profile in the software. Some features give access to all of your accounts and detailed information about incomes, outcomes, etc. If you want to grow, the accounts are the first thing you have to pay attention to. 
Sign in for free and test the system. If you need help, feel free to contact our team.