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How to attract more customers to your beauty salon

Reservation studio - софтуер за управление на салони за красота

How to attract more customers to your beauty salon

Loyal customers are priceless. They often come back and use more than one service, they recommend you to their friends and leave positive comments about you in social media. But how could you attract more of these?

The decision is a great loyalty program.. but not a traditional one. Focus on the perfect customer that you’d like to attract, not on ones that would come only because the offer is good. We know that “Best deals and vouchers” platforms sounds tempting but the customers you would get from that site would not pay the original full price for your service. It is an option to full your booking today, but not in a lifetime and it would have a bad effect on your business.

Instead of lowering your prices in order to have more sales, use these instruments and you will win loyal customers!

A loyalty program that would make the customer feel special and privileged.

A well thought out loyalty program in your beauty salon is the perfect way to award your loyal customers.
It is also a way to make a customer loyal even after their first visit to the salon. Your customers would be able to collect points with every visit and when they collect a particular number, they would receive a gift. The gift, for example, maybe a service that you know they’d love or a product.


If you want to take it to another level, you could make a partnership with other businesses and give as a present some of their services. For example, it may be a balloon flight, dinner in a restaurant or a visit to the SPA center. That way when you are partners, you may negotiate with the firm not to pay them for the service, because you would give the customers.
What more, you may offer your loyal customers special services and gifts which would be available only for them.


Influencers and brand ambassadors


Is this already familiar to you? It’s about famous people on the web ( bloggers, for example) which have many followers and all of them are listening to their opinion. Brand ambassadors promote your brand by word-of-mouth telling others about your product, influencers promote your brand by example showing others how they use the product and their followers trust them. When a person (influencer or brand ambassador) post a few pictures in your beauty salon and tell their audience that they use your services, we are sure that your schedule would be full for the next few months. This is an absolutely trendy and successful way to promote your business right now. Using influencers that will promote your business online and offline is used by the biggest companies in the whole world.


However, you need to know that this service is paid and it is normal because this is how these people make money. But if you don’t want to pay them, you may offer them to use some services for free in order to promote your salon. But do not forget to make their visit as much as pleasant, because that way their opinion would be sincere, not fake.

It may sound ineffective, but that method works very well. You better hurry up because there are already some beauty salons that are using that strategy. If you do not believe us – take a close look at Instagram and Facebook.


attract more loyal customers

Create long-term customer engagements


Your loyalty program should be easy for a customer to get access to it and to start receiving special deals and gifts. And when they leave your beauty salon happy and with positive emotions, they would be more likely to come back again and again.

You should treat your clients like your best friends. Make sure your team makes the best to make their clients the happiest ones.

Here is one more idea: You can write down their birthdays and when the day comes, they would be really happy and impressed if you wish them well. You can keep some important information about :

  • your products
  • services
  • customer’s health statement, which is very important for your work.


With Reservation Studio you can easily save important information about your clients, such as name, e-mail, mobile number, and even Facebook account. Actually, you can save any kind of information on his client’s profile.
The best thing about it is that you would not lose hours to search in your messy notebook because you would be able to find all of the info with only one click.


Which customer would give up the perfect service, friendly atmosphere and gifts?!

Nowadays it is so easy!


Full Appointment Scheduling Software Reservation Studio
Making efforts to keep the loyalty in your customers is a longterm investment and in the future, it would surely pay off. It is very important to keep all of the information about your customers and to offer them the appropriate loyalty program, which would make them visit you again and again.
A well thought out loyalty program in combination with a Full Appointment Scheduling Software Reservation Studio will bring you longterm incomes and business growth.
Storing information is not the only thing that the software can do.

With its help, the clients will also have 24/7 access to the bookings, your services, and their prices.
What more, the software will help you to attract new customers through your own website and a button for easy and quick online reservations.

Have you already ask yourself how much it would cost?
Well, let us impress you.
Reservation Studio would cost you only between 5 to 15 euros! And the website and the button for online reservation is absolutely free.

Now you can make that new business step only with one click:

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