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Are you currently working in a beauty salon? Are you searching for help? Find out how our Digital Receptionist could make your job easier and INCREASE your PROFITS.

Much easier and convenient way to book appointments, and much happier clients with our

Reservation.Studio Digital Receptionist

Easy and suitable system for your business, through which customers alone will have the opportunity to book their appointments online, without interrupting you. Thanks to our Digital Receptionist, you won’t lose another customer because you can’t answer the phone. While new customers will find you quickly and easily on the Internet.

Free 14 days trial

Has this ever happened to you…

Telephone rings with a request for an appointment, while you’re dying someone’s hair or manicuring someone’s nails?

Or your clients are giving you a call to make an appointment past worktime or during a break?

Or for instance, have you ever forgot to write down an appointment or the paper schedule has just disappeared?

Or something nastier…. A client forgets his/hers appointment ruining your whole schedule?

And last, as a common beauty salon problem we can add – customers fail to find you on the Internet, because your website does not appear or does not present you at your best?

All these minor problems could lead to dissatisfied customers, smaller incomes and unpleasant working environment.

The question is should it stay that way?

Imagine how could your job transform if there was someone doing all that instead of you yourself?

Would you prefer it if your cell phone didn’t ring, when a client is being serviced, and after doing what you love, several new bookings are being made?

Or new customers are coming at your place, only because they found you in Google and liked the presentation on your website?

All that is possible with our Reservation.Studio Digital Receptionist!

What does our Digital Receptionist represent?

Reservation.Studio’s Digital Receptionist is a software for business management through which your clients could easily and quickly make an appointment, without calling you and interrupting your work. In order to make your job easier and make your customers come back happier again and again, he memorizes every important detail for them.

And if you have customers, who repeatedly forget their appointments, you could make your Receptionist remind them.

Why is our Digital Receptionist the one thing your business needs right now?

And why you are going to do only the thing you love the most!

Resolutions Opportunities
Saves you more than 2 hours of phone calls a day, in which you can attend another customer
Books appointments 24/7, even when you’re not working
Makes your customers fill satisfied, which means they will come back again

What exactly could our Digital Receptionist give you?

Works hard 24/7

He will never get tired or want a break. Your Digital Receptionist will book appointments on a daily basis and round-the-clock.

Digital calendar and Online system for reservations

With the convenient digital calendar, you will need only a glance at your schedule to be assured what to expect from today. Paperless, without cross-outs and mistakes. And all this information will be by your side, no matter if you’re checking it through your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Data base of your customers’ profiles

All needed clients’ information will be just a mouse click away. You could choose what your Digital Receptionist remembers – visits frequency, if they have missed an appointment, or which are the best products for them. And as a bonus, you can write their birth dates down, in order to greet them and make them extra special. This means only one thing – a client forever!

Your personal WEBSITE

If making a website is a problem for you, our Digital Receptionist will resolve it! He is going to create a nice website, suitable for your clients. There every visitor could see pictures of your work and book an online appointment. Whereas new customers will easily find you!


More customers

Around 40% of your customers fail to connect with you or find your website. This takes them off to other bussiness, and you are losing the opportunity. Thanks to our Digital Receptionist all your customers can now easily locate you and make an appointment, no matter the time nor the place.


Working days

Have you ever calculated how much time you lose every day by answering the phone, handling appointment changes or editing your reservation book? We’ve made it! These are 12 days you are losing each year in activities that are not profitable.


Forgotten Appointments

Your time is valuable, because time is money. Forgotten appointments are always a risk, but with a digital receptionist their number decreases by 25%! Notifications before the appointment will bring along every absent-minded customer where he should be, exactly on time!

The most successful employee!
This faithful employee who works 24/7 tirelessly, makes appointments, attracts new customers and saves you at least 12 working days per year will cost you only 10 lvs. per month!
..and let our Digital Receptionist make your work much easier and enjoyable, and your income higher.