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Author: Desi Dineva

Reservation studio - софтуер за управление на салони за красота

How to attract more customers to your beauty salon

Loyal customers are priceless. They often come back and use more than one service, they recommend you to their friends and leave positive comments about you in social media. But how could you attract more of these?

The decision is a great loyalty program.. but not a traditional one. Focus on the perfect customer that you’d like to attract, not on ones that would come only because the offer is good. We know that “Best deals and vouchers” platforms sounds tempting but the customers you would get from that site would not pay the original full price for your service. It is an option to full your booking today, but not in a lifetime and it would have a bad effect on your business.

Instead of lowering your prices in order to have more sales, use these instruments and you will win loyal customers!

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