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7 reasons why you should have to try an online appointment manager right now

7 reasons why you should have to try an online appointment manager right now




Do you still hesitate to try our online appointment manager Reservation Studio for your business? 

Your competitors probably use it already. Maybe you have some doubts and questions does our software work properly, is it secure and would it make your work easier.

In this article, you will find 7 reasons why you have to activate your online appointment manager right now. These are some advantages according to people, who already use our innovative software.


1. 24/7 access 


There is a huge chance that your customers can’t find time to call you to make an appointment at your working time. The reason is that they are too busy doing their job and don’t even think about making appointments. 

If you were able to stay all night to answer their calls and fulfill your schedule would be great. 

That way you wouldn’t miss a client. But you are a human, though and you need some rest, right? 


Just think about that. How many customers decide to call you at a non-working time?

Imagine that they could make their appointments through your website when the salon is closed and there is no employee to pick up the phone. 

Providing the option for online reservations to your customers, you can sell your services 24/7 every day, including when you are resting or having fun with your friends. 


2. Just imagine – “Digital Receptionist” 


You should accept Reservation Studio like your next employee, who picks up the phone, makes appointments, manage your bookings and gives information to your customers. 

That employee is not something new and it is called Receptionist. You should agree with us that he saves you a lot of time and you are not bothered while you are doing your job anymore.

Of course, that employee needs a salary. Also, he is human and has a specific working time. He may have some health issues someday and won’t be able to come to work. He may not be polite enough with your customers. 

These things are unavoidable circumstances. Unless the employee is not a human. 


Nowadays, the world is modern and technical enough. And the receptionist may be digital! 

“The digital receptionist” will manage your booking and schedule, will provide the information that your customers want to know as to how much your services cost, what time it takes, who are your employees, and so on. 

The best thing about it that he doesn’t want a salary and would cost you less than a coffee per day.




3. Reservations through Facebook


You probably spend a lot of time managing your Facebook page. We all know that it is important in order to keep your audience engaged with your business. You try your best to increase your likes, comments, and shares. 

Why don’t you use your Facebook page to attract new customers, who would make online appointments directly through your page?

That way everyone, who sees that new picture of the perfect haircut you just did, would be able to make an appointment in your beauty salon right at the moment. 

That instrument is very useful if you want to attract new clients, who follow your page but haven’t visit you yet.




4. Quality feedbacks and reviews. 


The quality feedback from happy customers is the best marketing tool.

Publishing the good ones in your Facebook page would definitely help you. 

On the other hand, if the feedback is bad, you could easily find out what needs improvement.


5. A free website 


Most of the full appointment scheduling software, like Reservation Studio, has the option to make you a free website for your business. It would contain information about your beauty salon, your services, your prices, etc.  

Reservation Studio provides you access to the admin panel, where you could manage that info, upload photos and whatever you want to do with your website. 

We believe that nowadays a business must have a website.


6. Show people that you are trendy and using the most modern technology


You probably already invest in education courses and keep up with the latest trends in your work sphere. Using the advantage that modern technology can give you, you show your customers that you are a trendy beauty salon which invests in their comfort. 

It is good to think about the youngest part of your clientele. They spend a lot of time using their mobiles and computers. They prefer to shop and make reservations online.

When you provide the ability of your customers to make online appointments, you show them that your beauty salon is using the most modern technology. It may also lead to attracting more customers.


reservation studio


7. SMS notifications 


Do you still have clients that forget about their appointments and you don’t know how to contact them? 

In moments like this, the full appointment scheduling software would help you again. 

When a customer wants to make an appointment, first he has to make a profile on the platform. What is needed for registration is his phone number and his e-mail.

Reservation Studio provides the option for SMS notifications. When the appointment is soon, the customer would receive an SMS notification which would remind them of their reservation.

That would help you to reduce missed visits by up to 70%.

What more, if your customer doesn’t come, you would point that in their client’s profile card and in future you can decide if you want him as a customer or not.



The most important thing, though is to choose the best managing software for your business. 

Now, when you know all of the advantages of a Full Appointment Scheduling Software, the only thing to do is to choose the best one for your beauty salon. 

Now you should believe that Reservation Studio is the one for you! 


It has many advantages over the rest. It has a huge variety of features:

  • Manage Your Staff, Customers, and Bookings
  • Warehouse and Inventory
  • Client Cards
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Reports
  • Income and Expenses
  • Your Own Website
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Marketing Tools
  • Security and Updates.


Now you can test Reservation Studio for free for 14 days and if you need a personal consultation, you can contact us.

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