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3 effective ways to attract more customers to your beauty salon

3 начина за привличане на клиенти в салон за красота

3 effective ways to attract more customers to your beauty salon


What would help you to attract more customers in your beauty salon? 


You have a beauty salon, you invested in materials and hired employees. But you do not really earn money, because you still do not have enough customers. There are many ways for attracting new clients and most beauty salons do not know how to do it. 


Whenever if you work on your own or you are a part of a big beauty salon business, this article will introduce you to 3 working ways for attracting new customers. 

And the best thing is that you won’t invest thousands in advertising. 


#1: Brochures and events


We are starting with the oldest and well-known, but cheap hacks – through published editions and live events. You can make your own brochures and give away them in your town and especially in the area around your beauty salon. 

But let’s be honest… this is not the best thing to advertise because most of the brochures go straight in the bin. 

On the other hand, events are a great way to introduce yourself to your new potential customers. You can organize a cocktail party with a demonstration of your services. Invite guests, who are strangers to you, not your friends, because after all the main goal is to popularize your business and attract more customers. 

You can use the Facebook option – “events” and then you can easily promote them to an unknown group of people (also a Facebook option). But we will talk about that later… 



#2: Website


Do you have a business website? If the answer is no, then better change that now

The website introduces your business and services and it can be easily found. That means that your brand awareness will grow every day even without a single brochure! Part of that audience would make an appointment and become your new customers.

Another part of them would even become your loyal customers and would come back again and again. 


You may probably ask yourself – isn’t it expensive to have a website

The answer – it depends. Now we will explain to you in digits: 


If you want a website, you’d need: 

  • Domain: minimum of 15eur per year 
  • Hosting: ~ 50eur per year
  • Programmer: 500eur+ for building your website
  • Monthly maintenance: ~25eur

As you can see the maths shows that if you want to have a website, you’d need a serious amount of money per year. 


The question is – Is it necessary to invest all that money? 

No, it is not!  


Reservation Studio’s subscription plan includes the building of a professional-looking, properly working website with FREE monthly maintenance.

And it would cost you only about 5-15euro per month! 

What if we tell you that it is just a bonus feature to the main functions?



reservation-studio-logohas a long list of helpful features: 

  •   online reservations 
  •   digital appointment and employee manager
  •   warehouse
  •   products database


The best thing is that it is all included in the main price. 


You can learn more about Reservation Studio on our website. 

Now you already know that you can have a website and you can rely on our team for its maintenance. 


Now let we ask you a question:

Have you ever stopped your customers to make an appointment? 

We believe your answer is “No”, isn’t it? But the real answer is “Yes”. Here is the reason.

The main time when customers visit your website is in the late hours, while they are having a rest. In that time range, you are not working. That means that he can’t call you right at the moment and the chance that he will forget by the next day is huge. 

That way you lose a lot of potential customers and money.


But… How could you solve that problem?!

Very easy! Allow your customers to make online appointments at any moment 24/7 through your website. That way you would have a digital employee who works 24/7 to find new customers on the Internet and to help them in making their appointment. Isn’t that great? 

And it is pretty easy and simple. All you need is a registration in Reservation Studio



#3: Social media advertising 


We left it as a final because it is the cherry on the cake.

Do you have a Facebook profile? Yes, all of your customers have one, also. If you show them your services in their feed, there is a good chance to attract them.

You can achieve that when you post often on your page and use the paid advertising functions.



As we said, if you create an event, where you would introduce your new service or a product and you use Facebook to advertise it, the event may popularize quickly.


What more, if your beauty salon has its own Facebook page (which is a must!), you may use the tool for online reservations on your page, which is also a Reservation Studio’s option. 

It may help your customers to make appointments 24/7.


Congratulations. Now you know some working tips on how to attract more customers, which won’t cost you a thing. 


You can start using all of them right now and all you need to do is just to make a registration in Reservation Studio

However, the software is not only about that, but it may help you grow your business in general pretty fast.


You can learn more about Reservation Studio here. 


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